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Our community of makers and businesses that support handmade focuses on you... not gurus. Your insight into handmade business is just as important as the "experts" out there. In fact, if you've been doing this a few years, you are an expert. :)  

We want to highlight your firsthand knowledge of handmade business and give insight into what life as a maker is really like. Below are ways you can contribute your perspective to our community. Please keep in mind that our posts are about sharing with peers and while you might get some promotion out of it, they are not meant to be promotion of a shop. 

GUIDELINES: Your post should roughly be 350-800 words. It can be in a Q&A format by answering the questions below or you can use the questions to springboard into your own writing, but please make sure all of the questions are answered. Your post may also not be posted immediately or at all if what you submit doesn't match the requirements. We will do our best to let you know if it is a post that can be improved. If your post is selected, we ask that you also help spread the word about it through social media and your personal network.

Questions? Please email me at

Looking forward to your contributions to our community!


Market Mondays

We love to hear your experience at markets across the country. From craft fairs to trade shows to farmers markets to cons, we are interested in all types of markets. We just ask that the market be one that is either a) in a large metro area, b) one that would be worth it to travel to, or c) has multiple market locations. This is because we have readers from all over and want to highlight markets that are of interest to as large of a group as possible.

These posts are meant to give insight into what it is like to sell at this market so that others can judge if it is the right fit for them. They should not present overly rosy or negative portrayals of a market (i.e. this is not meant to hype up a market nor is it meant to bash it). Factual, honest and personal feedback (such as my booth was in a bad spot so that is why I think I didn't do as well as others and vice versa) is appreciated.

Please email for questions and to know if the show you'd like to write about is appropriate. At least three photos related to the market are required for this post.


Everyone loves a studio tour! Inspire others and share where you work. There is absolutely no pressure to have a "cool" studio space... we think doing work from your kitchen table is cool too (and very inspiring!). Please include answers to the following questions, along with photos of your space.

  • Tell us about your shop and what you make.
  • What got you into making and how long have you been doing it?
  • What's your favorite tool and/or part of your workspace?
  • What advice would you give to anyone who would like to do what you do?
  • Where can people find your work? 

We are looking for 10-12 photos and we will pare down the ones that are the best suited for the tour. For inspiration on what we are looking for, see this tour of the Mitsymoto studio.

Please submit photos and captions to Photos should be as high of a resolution as possible if the photos are taken from your phone. These photos don't have to be by a professional, but should be clear, well-lit and in focus.

Instagram Takeover (members only)

Members-- we are trying something new this year. We'd love to have you take over our Instagram to give people a behind-the-scenes look into your creative life (and maybe sometimes not-so-creative... it's cool, we aren't about perfect here!). We are looking for people to share on the weekends (your takeover would be on Saturday and Sunday) with photos from a typical week.

We are looking for 10-12 photos (we will pare down the ones that are the best suited) along with captions for topics that include:

  • Tools of the trade
  • Your process (don't have to reveal secrets)
  • The not-so-fun or glamorous parts of your business
  • Where you get inspiration
  • Where you work
  • The evolution of your product

Please submit photos and captions to Photos should be as high of a resolution as possible if the photos are taken from your phone. These photos don't have to be professional quality, but should be clear, well-lit and in focus.

Workshop and Learning Opportunity Reviews

If you have recently attended a workshop or conference, watched webinar or taken an online course that was business related, we'd love to know about it. We are especially interested in opportunities that are widely available to others, nationwide, worth traveling to or in larger metro areas. See these examples of workshop reviews

Please email for questions and to know if the workshop you'd like to write about is appropriate. At least three photos related to the workshop are required for this post.

Where I LOVE TO Sell

This is going to be a new semi-regular series on the blog. Many of you have expressed interest in knowing about alternative sites to Etsy and if they are the right fit for you. This series aims to spotlight online and ecommerce platforms that other makers have found success on. Please fill out the form here and we will contact you if we need more information. Links to photos that are poor quality/resolution will likely mean your post will not be included. 

Suggest a Post

We love knowing of topics that you think are important to cover. The more specific the better (e.g. instead of "Instagram" the topic "Should my business be on Instagram?" is much more helpful) and if there is "big-time" handmade business that you would like to know more about, we would also love to try to interview them for the blog! If you have an experience you feel that is relevant to our audience that you would like to share, we are open to proposals for such posts.

Please email with your topic suggestions.

collaborations/Sponsored posts

If you are a brand or other non-maker business, we accept collaborations and sponsored posts on a limited basis. Our target audience is people who are serious about making as a business, so anything related to running your business, being creatively inspired, keeping your craft skills up, dealing with the emotional/personal side of business is of interest to us. DIYs and tutorials are not a primary focus, but may be considered depending on the right angle and brand.

Please email if you are interested in working together.