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Awards 2016 Header (4).png

2016 Nominees

Below are the nominees, finalists and winners for each voting category. Winners were announced at our show on April 23, 2016.

A big "Thank You" to our sponsors who made it all possible!

See photos of all the fun we had at the awards show here!



Unurth would like to thank:

  • Family and my Grandparents for always believing in me.
  • Friends for critiquing, cheering, and joining me on this journey.
  • The Academy for creating this lovely community.
  • he earth for beinga source of everlasting inspiratio


Clarke Collective would like to thank:

  • Bucky Clarke
  • Our Families
  • Our Pets (Widget, MacBook & Alpine)
  • Our Maker Friends
  • The person who nominated us!

Diana Fayt Ceramics would like to thank:

  • The lovely anonymous person who so generously nominated me for this award.
  • he AHAS community for their recognition of my work and your votes. Thank you!




Sucre Au Lait would like to thank:

  • All who voted for me
  • Academy of Handmade
  • Sharon Fain
  • My Co AHAS Leaders
  • My Husband & Kid

Finalists: matchbox kitchen, soft peaks confections, and sucre au lait


Living Medium


Finalists: eden condensed, kelso doesn't dance, mv florals

Eden Condensed would like to thank:

  • AHAS (The Academy, of course!)
  • my husband Larry
  • my boys Morgan & Jackson
  • my wonderful supportive customers



Holly Bobisuthi would like to thank:

  • Jim & Melody Bobisuthi
  • Darin Rookhuizen
  • Miriam Dema
  • Kali Lambson-Bloom
  • Maria Kanevskaya

Finalists: ag ambroult, beadsoul, holly bobisuthi

AG Ambroult would like to thank:

  • My husband Alex, who is my biggest cheerleader, enabler, and motivator
  • My muses--Lucy and Ruby
  • The makers and artists who have kindly shared their knowledge and know-how

Beadsoul would like to thank:

  • My husband for his encouragement
  • The terrific AHAS
  • My sweet customers
  • My handmade bffs
  • ost of all, God

MIxed Media/Other


remy & rose handcrafted soap would like to thank:

  • my husband for pushing me to dream loud and big
  • my sister for her continuing love and support
  • the AHAS community
  • my friends in the makers community
  • my dad for telling me that everything is possible

Finalists: miriam dema, people's soap, remy & rose

People's Soap would like to thank:

  • AHAS Members for inspiring me and sharing your world
  • AHAS OC Chapter for your support
  • Ryan, my family and friends
  • The People's Soap team


WINNER: Sarah K. Benning Contemporary Embroidery

Sarah K. Benning would like to thank:

  • Davey Mandesea
  • Lorie Benning
  • Vaughan Carroll
  • Lori Rollason-Cass
  • Mary Benning

Finalists: debrosse nyc, Sarah K. Benning Contemporary Embroidery, tickle and smash

Tickle and Smash would like to thank:

  • My Husband, James Tom, who took on this endeavor with me and always makes it fun.
  • My friend and SF Etsy team captain, Rebecca Saylor for all her encouragement and enthusiasm.
  • To my fellow makers, mentors and heroes on the SF Etsy Team! All 1800 of you!



Ink + Smog would like to thank:

  • The Academy of Handmade for being an amazing community and resource.
  • Everyone who has supported us over the last three years!

Finalists: everyday love art, ink + smog, lacelit

Lacelit would like to thank:

  • My husband Jason, whose constant support, thoughtfulness and silliness make life meaningful in the truest ways
  • My sisters, Brittany and Stephanie, who have always been a steady source of light, compassion and life
  • My friends, Bryan Schnebelt and Jess Engel, who inspire me with their artistry and strength every day
  • My paper wonders Francesca Fuges, Kristin deNeeve and Melissa Copeland for their invaluable input and inspiration
  • The Academy of Handmade, where I've found the most meaningful community among such talented and generous artists.

Supporting Business


  • The Academy
  • Mom + Dad
  • Kim + Jen
  • The handmade community

Finalists: Creative hive co, lula mae, the merriweather council

Creative Hive Co. would like to thank:

  • Kimberly Taylor
  • Robin Soltis
  • Jennifer Tobicoe
  • Andrea Millard
  • Nancy Gaines



  • my husband Alex
  • my family
  • Caitlin, Danielle
  • LJT, KC, KK, KCC
  • my customers!

Finalists: beatrice valenzuela, forgotten cotton, married + bright, mon petit shoes

  • Our Friends & Family
  • Our customers
  • Business Friends
  • Academy of Handmade

Textiles: Wovens


Mimi Kirchner would like to thank:

  • all of you!
  • my husband
  • my Bernina

Finalists: daisy faye designs, mimi kirchner, wrap & scraps

Wraps & Scraps would like to thank:

  • Academy of Handmade & all members.
  • My loves Riley & Skout
  • My Parents & Brothers
  • April & Kelly for sanity
  • My Grandmother




Rewilder would like to thank:

  • The Academy of Handmade: Supporting quality craft and local makers is crucial, THANK YOU.
  • All the makers and innovators: We are constantly inspired by you.
  • Annie Leonard, William McDonough, Yvon Chouinard: Pioneers in responsible material use
  • Our partners, Aengus and Matt: Allowing us the freedom to follow this dream.
  • Our grandparents: Instilling a love for creative reuse and problem solving

Finalists: halominer, rewilder, wear love now

Wear Love Now would like to thank:

  • The One Who has redeemed my heart and made it possible for me to wear Love and share Love!
  • My mom & dad for my first sewing machine and my husband & kiddos for being my biggest cheerleaders!
  • My brother & sister-in-law for my computer and business support!
  • My friends--fellow makers, customers and those supporting handmade!
  • AHAS and those cheering on makers like me!



Finalist: b mayorca, art & design studio


B Mayorca would like to thank:

  • Supportive Family
  • Positive Friends
  • Fantastic AHAS

All category winners will receive:


Thanks to our sponsors!



Members of The Creative Business Council

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